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About The Team

KidzAid Australia are a team of healthcare professionals from various medical disciplines. This includes, Paediatric Emergency Doctors, Paediatricians, Critical Care Nurses from Emergency Departments and Paediatric nurses with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in dealing with sick children.

Complimenting the team, on board we have dedicated Paramedics and General Practitioners whom have worked in a variety of different countries around the world. Our Intensive Care Paramedics come from world-class Ambulance services and our doctors have treated sick children in state of the art facilities.

Collectively as a team, our instructors have a wealth of knowledge, first hand experience and are 100% dedicated to educating the community in life saving paediatric skills.


Why choose KidzAid?

  • Presented by passionate healthcare professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with sick children. 
  • Mobile service, we come to you, or join in on a community workshop.
  • Available in major capital cities, including regional and remote areas.
  • Book a day, evening or weekend workshop, 24/7.
  • Anaphylaxis, Burns, Choking, CPR, Drowning, Fevers, Viral Illness, Seizures & MORE.Quality, up-to-date information.
  • Baby and Breastfeeding friendly.
  • We can accommodate for small or large groups, generous instructor to participant ratio.
  • Proudly supported by Priceline Pharmacy & trusted by Children’s Panadol


Google KidzAid with a “Z” and read for yourself


One of the mums used her skills she learnt in your course the other day, she saved a boy choking on an apple in the post office. Thanks again.


Brionhy I just wanted to give you guys a huge Thank-you for the session you did in Berwick this week. Have had wonderful feedback from participants and feel much more confident in handling any potential emergencies with my lil ones. Thanks again for providing an incredibly valuable service delivered in a very basic manner and for a very small fee considering it may save a life one day. Thanks again ladies, was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to meeting again soon for the advanced course.

Learn how to be your child’s


Presented by Paediatric Doctors, Emergency Nurses and Ambulance Paramedics

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