Parents let us teach you how to rapidly RECOGNISE and RESPOND to a seriously sick child. We will give you the tools, confidence and knowledge to get you through ANY emergency situation.

About Kidzaid

KidzAid Australia are a team of healthcare professionals from various medical disciplines. This includes, Paediatric Emergency Doctors, Paediatricians, Critical Care Nurses from Emergency Departments and Paediatric nurses with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in dealing with sick children.

Complementing the team, on board we have dedicated Paramedics and General Practitioners whom have worked in a variety of different countries around the world. Our Intensive Care Paramedics come from world-class Ambulance services and our doctors have treated sick children in state of the art facilities.

Collectively as a team, our instructors have a wealth of knowledge, first hand experience and are 100% dedicated to educating the community in life saving paediatric skills.

So much more than just a first aid course! We come to you 24/7… Presented by Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics! #Knowledge is POWER!

Why Choose Kidzaid

  • Presented by passionate healthcare professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with sick children. 
  • Mobile service, we come to you, or join in on a community workshop.
  • Available in major capital cities, including regional and remote areas.
  • Book a day, evening or weekend workshop, 24/7.

  • Anaphylaxis, Burns, Choking, CPR, Drowning, Fevers, Viral Illness, Seizures & MORE.Quality, up-to-date information.
  • Baby and Breastfeeding friendly.
  • We can accommodate for small or large groups, generous instructor to participant ratio.
  • Proudly supported by Priceline Pharmacy & trusted by Children’s Panadol

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I organised a course group for family and friends in Melbourne with Kidzaid. Our trainer was a registered nurse and was very fun and knowledgeable. My family and friends were so grateful and happy to have completed the course. We all feel much more confident should the unavoidable happen. Very worthwhile course, would highly recommend for all parents/caretakers.

Dr. Rachael Gill
Dr. Rachael Gill

As a doctor I think it is essential for parents to learn first aid skills, so they may act quickly and efficiently to assist their child in the event of an emergency. That is why I arranged for KidzAid to come to my Mother’s Group. My husband and a few other dads also attended. We all found the Vital Aid session to be very informative. The staff were very helpful and approachable. They were flexible, accommodating our needs as a mothers group, with all of our babies present, including a set of twins. They brought two sizes of dummies, and everyone had the opportunity to practice the skills they were taught.

Amazingly, just today my 6 month old caught choked on a piece of fruit offered by a family member. My husband realized what was happening and quickly grabbed her and dislodged the fruit just as KidzAid taught him. He said to me “Well, that course just paid for it’s self!” he told me that he felt confident to act, and was very proud of what he did. I’m happy to recommend KidzAid to any expecting parents, parents, or friends and family who have the pleasure of baby sitting.

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