Supporting the SALVOS Presented by KidzAid & facilitated by Renee Gipp, founder of #Mumlifestickers


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If your child was seriously sick, injured or worse yet, stopped breathing and had no pulse, would you know what to do?

Established since 2010 with courses throughout Australia, Kidzaid is the leading provider of Paediatric First Aid Training & CPR courses for parents, expecting parents, grandparents, teachers, child care providers and anyone else directly responsible for the care and safety of infants and children Taught by our team of specialist instructors, our courses deliver a dynamic, engaging, interactive and totally practical hands on experience.

During the course, you will explore essential first aid topics from life support and CPR to the recognition and management of all accident and emergency presentations commonly seen and treated in hospital emergency departments, specifically those encountered by infants and children in the first few years of life.

Kidzaid are baby & breastfeeding friendly and are proud to be the only baby & child first aid course in Australia to be officially endorsed & supported by Children’s Panadol & Priceline Pharmacy Australia.

The course covers: 

• Infant & Child Resuscitation 

• Baby / Child manikins to practice on 

• Choking Baby / Child 

• Fever

 • Febrile Convulsions 

• Open Q&A with our Kidzaid medical expert 

Date/Time: Saturday 14th October 11am-1pm 


We at Kidzaid know that for parents, the first few years of new baby’s life are super stressful and frightening.

By the end of our course we promise you will leave with increased confidence, awareness, skills and the ability to assess and respond to a range of common paediatric emergencies and that when it comes to the healthcare and safety of your precious little loved one, you will have the knowledge, skills, and power to become your child’s SUPERHERO! 

Fees: $30.00pp (part proceeds to the SALVOS) Facilitated by Founder of Mum Life Stickers - Renee Gipp

 Address: SALVOS Frankston Dandenong Road, Carrum Downs (next to KFC) Register for this course


“Brilliant instructors, incredibly knowledgable &  approachable.  Definitely the experts in the field!   One of the best presentations I have seen. Superb… absolutely brilliant… this course will definitely save lives!