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Bri Westbrook

What would you do if a seemingly perfect child in your care became pale,floppy and unconscious in your arms? In 2011, Brionhy Westbrook, a then stay at home Mum was faced with exactly this crisis.Brionhy, also a highly trained critical care nurse put her knowledge to work,consequently saving her six-month- old daughter’s life.Brionhy’s two children,…

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André is a senior Emergency Clinical Nurse Specialist with over 18 years experience in acute adult and paediatric emergency nursing both at a tertiary and outer metropolitan level. With a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Clinical Nursing [specializing in Emergency], André has worked in many of Melbourne’s major metropolitan teaching hospitals including The Royal Children’s…



Say Hi to Mat – KidzAid’s SUPERHERO INSTRUCTOR! MAT A senior paramedic with a Post Graduate Diploma in advanced paramedical studies, Mat works for Ambulance Victoria as an emergency responder, paramedic educator and mentor to new graduate paramedics as well as providing ongoing support and continuously updating the other paramedics at his branch With over…