What would you do if a seemingly perfect child in your care became pale, floppy and unconscious in your arms?

In 2011, Brionhy Westbrook, a then stay at home Mum was faced with exactly this crisis. Brionhy, also a highly trained critical care nurse put her knowledge to work, consequently saving her six-month- old daughter’s life. Brionhy’s two children, and 17 years experience in critical care nursing, cemented her belief in the need for paediatric first aid training in the community. ”It’s because I’m a Mum and an emergency nurse that the business came-about. I think about how precious my children are and how terrifying it would be if I was in a situation people often face and didn’t know what to do".

“Being an emergency nurse and dealing with life and death, it’s really devastating seeing families lose their loved ones. It makes you think why hasn’t this happened to me and that it could, so the fear and the opportunity to change circumstances is real. ”Each year approximately 250 Australian children are killed and 58,000 hospitalised by unintentional injuries. This was the impetus for Brionhy to found KidzAid.

“Our mission at KidzAid is to educate as many parents, grandparents and carers within the community about the importance of learning paediatric first aid. Knowledge is power and there is nothing more important than being prepared and confident to act in an emergency situation. A large majority of presentations to the emergency department are paediatric cases (infants/children); parents often present feeling helpless as they don’t know what to do. I’m hoping to educate as many parents as possible about the importance of having these lifesaving skills”. Brionhy Westbrook - CEO

Since KidzAid’s beginning the KidzAid team has received countless communications of thanks for reducing the stress that can be present in an emergency or during illness. They have also received phone calls from participants who have literally saved their own child’s life using the knowledge gained in a KidzAid course.These types of calls deeply touch the team and give Brionhy the determination to continue with the mission of educating as many people as possible in paediatric first aid training.

Brionhy has worked in Australia’s largest and busiest emergency departments and supported medical professionals in their private practice. Before moving into the health field, she studied business and finds these mix of skills highly useful as KidzAid’s Director. Brionhy continues to facilitate courses when possible because first aid education and training remain her number one passion. Brionhy also believes that it is one way for her to personally ensure that KidzAid is meeting the expectations of people participating in a course. Brionhy recognises that the course content – serious injuries, choking, fevers, febrile convulsions, burns and drownings – can be confronting. For this reason, Brionhy not only wanted the highest caliber trainers but also people who are highly capable at relaxing and reassuring individuals.

The KidzAid team is sensitive, highly trained medical professionals (either DOCTORS or Emergency Nurses) who are passionate about sharing first aid knowledge. It’s a busy year ahead for the team with more workshops rolling out and a goal of imparting more knowledge in new easily accessible ways, including reaching high-risk regional groups. “Due to the vast distances and travel times in the country, when you ring triple-zero an ambulance is not always going to be there within eight minutes like they are in Sydney or Melbourne. ”If you’re armed with the right information you can really help emergency services and drastically reduce your own stress levels in an emergency. ”The carefully developed workshops have overcome a gap in the prevention and treatment of babies’ and children’s injuries and illnesses. A significant number of myths and misconceptions remain in this area and our job is to bring up to date information to people who want it.

KidzAid Australia are a team of healthcare professionals from various medical disciplines. This includes, Paediatric Emergency Doctors, Paediatricians, Critical Care Nurses from Emergency Departments and Paediatric nurses with a wealth of expertise and knowledge in dealing with sick children. Complementing the team, on board we have dedicated Paramedics and General Practitioners whom have worked in a variety of different countries around the world. Our Intensive Care Paramedics come from world-class Ambulance services and our doctors have treated sick children in state of the art facilities.

Collectively as a team, our instructors have a wealth of knowledge, first hand experience and are 100% dedicated to educating the community in life saving paediatric skills. Our mission at KidzAid Australia is to reduce this number and educate as many people as possible in kids first aid and the life saving skill of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). KidzAid training sessions will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be able to confidently recognise and manage a seriously ill or injured baby and child. Knowledge is power and through education and training, we can make a difference.

Who? Parents, expecting parents, grandparents, child care providers; pretty much anyone directly responsible for the care and safety of children.

Location? Host a private session in the comfort of your own home, playgroup, school, with family and friends, or alternatively KidzAid will arrange an appropriate venue. KidzAid will happily come to you- day, night, weekday or weekends, whatever suits your needs. If you are unable to arrange a group booking, that’s okay, KidzAid hold regular sessions at Community Centres and other public venues around Australia.

Which course? Our popular workshops have been specifically designed for parents, expecting parents, grandparents and child care providers. The course content covers all the VITAL topics that we see and treat in the Emergency Department. Our dynamic team of health professionals, including Emergency nurses and Paramedics, have developed this hands on, interactive workshop and cannot stress enough, how vital it is for every parent to learn these life saving skills.