Most frequently asked questions:

What is Paediatric First Aid?

Paediatric simply means ‘infant/child’. At KidzAid we specifically focus on educating the community in kids first aid. During our interactive hands on session, participants will have the opportunity to practice the skills on our paediatric manikins, ensuring the experience is as realistic as possible. 

Is this an accredited first aid course?

At KidzAid we offer ‘Non Accredited’ paediatric courses (our popular Vital and Vital Aid Plus +) specifically tailored for childcare providers, parents, nannies and anyone working with children.

I've completed a Senior First Aid Course, do I also need to attend a paediatric first aid course?

You can never have enough knowledge when it comes to paediatrics. The majority of time the standard workplace certified courses only briefly touch on paediatrics, at KidzAid, our primary focus is educating the community in the most important people – babies/children!

How many participants can be enrolled in a course?

KidzAid can accommodate to your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. 

What areas are the courses conducted in?

KidzAid courses are held at various locations (private homes or community venue) throughout Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Tamworth and Regional NSW. KidzAid is fast evolving and due to popular demand will soon be available in other states and territories. See ‘Public Course Locator’.

*Also available in: QLD, WA, TAS and SA – organise a group of 10 and we will happily come to you. 

How do I book a course?

1. Choose a course?
2. Do you have a venue? Would you like to attend a ‘Community’ session in your nearest suburb? Or a ‘Private’ in home session with family and friends?
3. Depending on your location, generally a minimum of 6 is required for a private in home session. However, we can also provide sessions for smaller groups, enquire within.
4. Do you have a date/time in mind? We are a mobile service and available pretty much 24/7! Weekdays, evenings or weekends, whenever suits your group needs.
5. Please contact KidzAid via phone or email and we will happily answer any further questions. 

Are children welcome at the course?

We understand it’s not always easy leaving your little one and arranging child care. Newborns and infants are more than welcome at KidzAid courses, alternatively if care can be arranged this is recommended to ensure you have 100% concentration during the session. 

How to choose a paediatric first aid provider.

The important thing to know and understand about paediatric first aid is that there are very few regulations when it comes to providing paediatric courses to the community. Therefore, at this current time anyone can pretty much start up a ‘paediatric first aid’ business!

Adult first aid providers are different as they are required to abide by strict guidelines and regulations under the nationally recognised training framework.

Here are some tips when deciding which paediatric provider to choose:

  • Instructor qualifications: Research the team, do they have actual hands on experience and knowledge?
  • Reviews: I highly recommend you take a moment and research the company. Parents attending these specific courses are busy and wouldn’t be wasting their time writing a review if it wasn’t valid.
  • Fee structure: Like everything, you honestly do pay for what you get.
  • Do they have any ambassadors? This speaks volumes, look at who is affiliated with this company.
  • Australian Resuscitation Council: These guys are the ‘Gold standard’ when it comes to Basic Life Support. Ensure that the provider is in accordance and following the current ARC guidelines.

I have young grandchildren and would really enjoy participating in your course, but I haven’t studied for years, is this course suitable for me?

Most definitely! Our KidzAid courses have been specifically designed for grandparents, parents, carers and anyone that would like to be prepared in case an emergency arises in the home or outdoor environment. Our courses are personal and our instructors wont leave you feeling intimidated. There are no tests or assessments; however, our instructors will ensure before you have finished your course, that you feel comfortable and confident with what you have learnt, especially the life saving skill of CPR.

During what trimester of our pregnancy should we attend Antenatal Aid?

Congratulations – Antenatal Aid has been specifically designed for you! Come along whenever suits you, KidzAid instructors will ensure that you and your belly are comfortable and relaxed throughout the 2-hour course. The course content is suitable for anyone with children, so invite the ‘Soon to Be’ grandparents along, you can never have enough knowledge when it comes to paediatrics. 

Will I be provided with a certificate?

For our popular non accredited courses a certificate of ‘attendance’ will be provided upon request. Accredited courses will receive a formal certificate of completion under our Nationally Recognised Training framework. 

Can I bring cash and pay for the course on the day?

Payment is required prior to the course. Once a date/time is confirmed, an invoice will be generated for all participants. Payment options are PayPal or direct bank transfer. Instructors will not accept cash on the day. Refunds can be issued at the discretion of KidzAid, see invoice T&C.

Will my health fund offer a rebate for this course?

KidzAid courses maybe eligible for rebates with major health funds. Once you have completed the course, contact your provider for rebate and cover eligibility. 

How much space do I need if hosting a private session?

We are very tech savvy at KidzAid! Firstly we will try our USB into your TV, if this is compatible we will run our presentation this way, otherwise we will setup our projector and screen in a suitable location. As long as participants have a seat (chair, couch, floor), somewhere that they can view the instructor. We will make good use of the space we have and can easily accommodate to your specific environment. From rooftop to backyard, we will happily run the session for your family and friends. 

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