Bronchiolitis is a chest infection in babies, commonly occurring in their first year of life.  It is caused by a viral infection of the lungs, causing the small passages in the lungs to become inflamed.  Bronchiolitis is spread by sneezing, coughing or personal contact.

Signs and Symptoms

The onset of bronchiolitis is a bit like a cold, and signs and symptoms include:

  • Runny nose.
  • Sneezing.
  • Mild fever.
  • A cough may develop.
  • Your child’s breathing may become fast and sound wheezy.
  • Poor feeding (due to breathing difficulties).
  • Drawing in of the chest with each breath.

Children with bronchiolitis are commonly worse on the second and third day. The virus can often last for 7-10 days.


Bronchiolitis is often mild and therefore can be treated at home.  Treatment includes:

  • Offering small frequent feeds instead of 3–4 hourly in babies.
  • Encouraging plenty of fluids.
  • Paracetamol if your child has a fever.
  • Rest.
  • Making sure your child is in a smoke free environment.

A child with severe bronchiolitis may require hospital admission and in some cases they may need oxygen. A virus causes bronchiolitis and as antibiotics do not cure a virus, they are not given.

Your child should be taken to hospital if they:

  • Have difficulty breathing (fast and not regular breaths).
  • Change colour in the face when coughing.
  • Turn blue or are pale and sweaty.
  • Are not feeding normally because of coughing and sneezing.

See your local doctor if:

  • Their cough is getting worse.
  • Their feeds are less than normal.
  • They seem more tired than normal.
  • You are concerned.

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