For a fraction of the price than other first aid kits on the market, our Family First Aid Kits are a must for every household! Not only do they look snazzy but are jam packed with only quality, useful products. Recommended by our team of Paediatric Doctors.

Gastro catchers (aka vomit bags) | Kids cold pack | Child plasters + Adult plasters | Hand sanitiser | Gloves | Resuscitation shields
Saline (perfect to clean wounds and irrigate the eyes | Crepe bandages |Triangular bandage (aka sling) | Scissors | Tape | Combine pads (different varieties) | Non-adherent dressing pads | Gauze | Our famous DRSABCD flippy chart (this comprehensive QR coded booklet covers all first aid injuries for both adults + children, plus has a handy magnet for your fridge). Children's Panadol | Digital thermometer | Wotnot baby wipes | 7-step action plan card (handy for your purse/phone wallet). Hydralyte, not only handy for gastro but great for the hangover too! Wound closure | Cotton tip applicators. Wait you still want more?? Okay we will throw in a $10.00 Priceline Pharmacy Gift Card too, thanks to our partners at Priceline Pharmacy, you can stock-up on future refills too! See some of our quality products below!

Please note Kidzaid Australia do not offer a change of mind refund or exchange on our first aid kits.
If your receive your item and it is faulty or damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order and we'll cover shipping costs + send you out a brand spanking new Family First Aid Kit!