# Fracture

A fracture is a partial or complete break in the bone caused by a structure that is stronger than the bone can withstand. There are different types of fractures and the treatment depends on the type of fracture sustained.


Initial treatment of a fracture:

  • Immobilise and support the injured limb.
  • Elevate the injured limb to help reduce the swelling.
  • Apply a cold pack to help with pain and swelling.
  • Give pain relief.
  • Your child should not eat or drink, until a doctor sees them. This is incase they require surgery.




Seeking Medical help

Your child will require an X-ray to diagnose the type of fracture. A plaster cast will be applied to keep the limb in the right position and protect it whilst it heals. On some occasions, treatment of a fracture may require surgery and a short stay in hospital.

What to expect

  • Fractures are painful, this will ease once the limb is in plaster and is supported.
  • Pain relief may be required for the first few days.  Keep the affected limb raised where possible to prevent swelling.  For example, place pillows under a leg or keep an arm raised in a sling.
  • Your child will need to see a doctor and have a repeat X- ray within a few weeks of the injury so that the fracture can be checked.  Normal activities may be resumed after discussion with your doctor.
  • Everyone is different and some injuries may heal quicker than others, depending on the fracture’s location and severity.
  • See Plaster Care. 

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